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My favorite stock artists on deviantArt, for my own reference, but also in case anyone wants some pretty sweet stock images (though most of these people are fairly well-known).

  • ahrum-stock has the most insane poses. Seriously HQ dude.
  • mjranum-stock has an incredible range of poses, costumes, models, lighting, and angles. Also verrryyyy HQ.
  • senshistock has so many stock photos available it blows my mind. Not many different setups, but she always has unique poses and props.
  • fairiegoodmother I just think the female model is really pretty.
  • yellow-stock more pretty ladies, I’m sensing a pattern.
  • felixdeon this dude has some of the weirdest gay fetish stock ever (that’s not true) but he also has an extensive gallery of male nude stock photos which is pretty hard to come by (heh heh come by).

Probably will add to this later as I rediscover photos. Enjoy if anyone is so inclined.

this is very useful

oh hell yeah

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my favorite palettes from colourlovers

4 different pallets to each image

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Some tutorials of birds wings- Source and Source.

I know a lot of people who hate it, but I love drawing wings

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For Vrix~
Who obviously doesn’t understand his colours~


For Vrix~

Who obviously doesn’t understand his colours~

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Widyaan The Fashion Valley By Shahid Afridi Lawn Collection 2011 (1/2)

oh my yes

So beautiful

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Ohhhh ears


Ohhhh ears

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